SIS -> FileSpring!

Thank you all for your support and loyalty over the past few years! We are proud to announce today that Strategic Internet Solutions is now FileSpring, Inc.

This name change comes with the significant transformation of our company away from providing "internet solutions" to best focus on becoming a leading FileMaker development company in the Midwest. We've raised the bar in everything we do - with new standards for planning, development, testing, and delivering FileMaker solutions for our clients. Our commitment to superior service is now stronger than ever.

We have enjoyed working with you as SIS, and now look forward to serving you even better as FileSpring, Inc.

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Strategic Internet Solutions

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Web Development

Be online

Web development is all about converting website visits into sales, and turning sales into repeat business. Pleasing aesthetics and intuitive design help your customers feel comfortable doing business with you online. Efficient follow-though inspires them to keep coming back.

We’re experts in web development. We understand user experience (UX) design, and develop your website to be compliant with all the latest web browsers, including mobile for smart phones and tablets. We also help you put your business’ back-end online, so you can provide seamless and efficient service to your customers. From shopping carts to social media like Facebook and Twitter, we help you select the online marketing options that are right for your business.

We develop your website using these data and tools:

Brand and Logo Development

Your brand is the face of your business, online and off. As online marketing specialists, we position your brand for success and then hone your messaging to appeal to your target customers. Our team of professional designers, developers and copywriters ensures that every piece of your online marketing campaign consistently supports and complements your brand.

User Experience (UX) Design

To convert a visit into a sale, your website must be more than attractive and functional. It must also appeal to the usability expectations of your customers. Our designers and developers rely on 16 years of usability test results to create user-friendly web pages. We collaborate with you to integrate back-end functionality into your website, and always design to convert visits into sales quickly and efficiently.

Back-end Integration

Business runs smoother and more efficiently when you collect and process data online instead of on paper. Back-end business integration enables you to keep your customer, product, and service data organized inside your server. When everybody in the office is online, your accounting, billing and invoicing are in synch and accessible, which makes your customer transactions more efficient.

Shopping Cart Functionality

Reliable and secure e-commerce functionality makes online shopping quick and easy for your customers. Meanwhile, our e-commerce applications collect data on each customer. Customer data can help you up-sell more products now for greater sales, and build your customer relationships later for increased repeat business.

Social Media

Everybody needs to be on Facebook and Twitter, right? Maybe not. We’ll help you determine whether relationship building through social media is right for your business. If so, we’ll teach you how to use the platforms effectively and avoid common pitfalls, for measurable results.

Website Maintenance

Your site needs constant maintenance to maintain high rankings and convert sales. For about the same cost as one part-time employee, you can hire our entire team of professionals at SIS to manage your content. After learning your business and developing your initial content, we are well positioned to anticipate the changes you need to make to keep your website fresh and relevant. And we’re equipped to do the job right.

Content Management Training

With SIS, you can choose to administer your own site. Update text, change out images, and keep the site current with minimal outside involvement. For those who have staff to create content this creates a cost savings. Maintaining your website doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ll take you through it, step by step. And we’ll be right here to help if you run into trouble.

International Marketing

Online marketing can open your business to customers worldwide. How far can you go? That all depends on what you’re selling and how you market it. Our analytics can help you find your online market. When you’re ready to grow, we’ll make sure your online shopping and services are ready to go, too, with specific modifications to your shopping cart, language and strategy.

Site Testing and Reports

Web marketing analytics track your success in online marketing. Do you know how your website is performing? Through ongoing analysis, we fine tune your website to build links, generate leads and convert sales. Through research, we can show you how many website visits result in sales. Our data analysis can also help you maintain relationships with those customers for repeat business. Our performance indicators prove that your website and SEM are working.