SIS -> FileSpring!

Thank you all for your support and loyalty over the past few years! We are proud to announce today that Strategic Internet Solutions is now FileSpring, Inc.

This name change comes with the significant transformation of our company away from providing "internet solutions" to best focus on becoming a leading FileMaker development company in the Midwest. We've raised the bar in everything we do - with new standards for planning, development, testing, and delivering FileMaker solutions for our clients. Our commitment to superior service is now stronger than ever.

We have enjoyed working with you as SIS, and now look forward to serving you even better as FileSpring, Inc.

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Strategic Internet Solutions

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Pay Per Click

Be smart

Pay-per-click (PPC) is all about reaching your customers where they are, through the sites they already visit. We generate leads through sponsored ads, both on search engine results pages and on affiliate website pages. In pay-per-click advertising, you pay only when a customer clicks on your ad. A well-organized marketing plan generates leads for your business at the least possible cost to you for the highest ROI.

We’re experts in PPC. We target your customers using thorough research and analytics. We learn who they are, what sites they visit, and what keywords they use to find products and services like yours. Using this research, we target your marketing efforts to convert paid clicks into paying customers.

We generate leads usingthese PPC strategies and tools:

Web Analytics / Performance Indicators

Web marketing analytics track your success in paid search marketing. Do you know how many of your customers’ click-throughs result in sales? Our research tells you not only how many ad clicks result in sales but also which affiliates bring the greatest results. Through ongoing analysis, we fine tune the placement and keywords in your PPC sponsored ads. Key performance indicators prove that your PPC is working efficiently for the greatest return.

Keyword Research and Bidding

The right mix of keywords can ensure that your ad is positioned correctly. A well positioned ad attracts your target audience and generates a high click-through rate to your website. We research your target customer to find the keywords they’re using to look for you. Because most search engines require you to bid on keywords for your sponsored ads, we also help you determine the most cost-effective mix of high and low cost keywords for the highest ROI.

Target Market Analysis

The best way to reach your target customers is to understand their online behavior. We fully research your target market, from the websites your customers visit to the keywords that attract their attention. Using this research we create an online marketing plan specifically targeted to reach your audience and inspire them to click your ads to generate leads.

Competitive Analysis

At SIS, we research not only your target audience, but also your competition. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors can help define your unique position in the market. Research into your competitors’ PPC strategies can also uncover opportunities to improve your click-through rate, generating more leads for your business.

Sponsored Search Engine Advertising

PPC ads can be placed on search engine pages as well as affiliate websites. A sponsored search engine ad appears at the top and to the right of the organic search results. We can help you create a competitive strategy for bidding on keywords to manage your costs. Sponsored search engine ads are particularly useful in the beginning of your SEM campaign, because they give you immediate results.

Affiliate Advertising

PPC ads can be placed on affiliate websites as well as search engine results pages. Affiliate advertising is most effective when it appears on websites that are relevant to your target customers. We can help you create a competitive strategy for reaching your customers through websites they already visit, and write compelling copy using effective keywords to generate leads for your business.