SIS -> FileSpring!

Thank you all for your support and loyalty over the past few years! We are proud to announce today that Strategic Internet Solutions is now FileSpring, Inc.

This name change comes with the significant transformation of our company away from providing "internet solutions" to best focus on becoming a leading FileMaker development company in the Midwest. We've raised the bar in everything we do - with new standards for planning, development, testing, and delivering FileMaker solutions for our clients. Our commitment to superior service is now stronger than ever.

We have enjoyed working with you as SIS, and now look forward to serving you even better as FileSpring, Inc.

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Strategic Internet Solutions

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Open House Contest Results

Snowmen & Strategic Internet Solutions (SIS) would like to extend our warm thanks to all who attended the grand opening on June 15th.

Because of the great turn out, we increased the number of prizes and are pleased to announce the following winners:

  • iPad: Tina DuBose with Olathe Station
  • $50.00 Hereford House Gift Certificate: Jim Bessenbacher Jr. with Bessenbacher Commercial Credit Services
  • $50.00 Hereford House Gift Certificate: Ward Stouthmore with Cartwright Company
  • $50.00 Hereford House Gift Certificate: Stew Langer with Uro Glass
  • $50.00 bd’s Mongolian Grill: Alvin R. Hahn with Cross Electric, Inc.
  • $50.00 bd’s Mongolian Grill: Lewis Volk with Power Sales
  • $50.00 bd’s Mongolian Grill: Derek Moorhead with Law Office of Derek Moorhead
  • $50.00 bd’s Mongolian Grill: Chris LaBelle with 3 Nerds and a Server, LLC
  • $50.00 bd’s Mongolian Grill: Becky Hartke with Orphan Justice Center
  • $50.00 bd’s Mongolian Grill: Cheryl Wills with Hard Bean Caf├ęz

Many of our guests expressed interest in meeting personally with our staff so please call and schedule an appointment!

Thank you again for giving your time and support to Snowmen and Strategic Internet Solutions!

Snowmen & Strategic Internet Solutions

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