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Thank you all for your support and loyalty over the past few years! We are proud to announce today that Strategic Internet Solutions is now FileSpring, Inc.

This name change comes with the significant transformation of our company away from providing "internet solutions" to best focus on becoming a leading FileMaker development company in the Midwest. We've raised the bar in everything we do - with new standards for planning, development, testing, and delivering FileMaker solutions for our clients. Our commitment to superior service is now stronger than ever.

We have enjoyed working with you as SIS, and now look forward to serving you even better as FileSpring, Inc.

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New Database Solutions

Strategic Internet Solutions has been accepted into the highly regarded FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA). We are thrilled to be professionally associated with FileMaker ( It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple.

This official affiliation is reserved for FileMaker consultants/developers who have a proven track record of demonstrating excellence in their work designing customized and elegant database solutions with FileMaker Pro for their clients. The FBA provides a host of resources including promotional benefits, sales resources, co-marketing opportunities and product discounts to assist a FileMaker-based business. As an FBA member, SIS enables our clients purchase software as a site license without a minimum quantity requirement and also help them reduce costs when they need to upgrade to the latest version. FileMaker Pro is one of very few programs with true cross platform capability, dating back to 1992, that allows PCs and Macs to share the same files at the same time. FileMaker has been profitable in every quarter of its existence and it continues to add powerful automated features to its basic program. FileMaker Pro empowers internal staff members of ordinary businesses to learn to use and adapt their databases without having to rely on high-priced software engineers. Even enterprise level corporations with massive databases will often also utilize FileMaker Pro for its workgroups so they can respond to market opportunities with collaboration, speed and agility.

Congratulations are in order for SIS’s Randy Seba and his team for helping SIS attain this coveted status in the world-wide FileMaker community. Endorsements from people like Ron Green, Government Resource Programs Manager for Hallmark Cards, were required for the application process:

“I chose to work with Shae Adams and Strategic Internet Solutions based on the availability of Randy Seba. Randy is one of the top Filemaker Pro developers in our region and I had worked with him on several projects prior to his move to SIS. The fact that Shae recognized Randy’s talent speaks well for his organization and his leadership of SIS.”

“I have worked with Randy for several years on customized database projects for Hallmark. Most recently, Hallmark needed a database customized to meet tracking and reporting requirements for a major State of Missouri training grant. This involved tracking purchases and vendor invoices and channeling this data to a variety of special reporting formats. This included some sensitive, confidential employee information that needed careful and secure treatment. This solution streamlined our tracking and reporting process and allowed us to meet program needs with minimal administrative handling. Also built into the solution were instructions, guides, definitions and other location based prompts and training solutions. Through SIS, Randy developed a very user-friendly solution for a very complex set of tracking and reporting requirements.”

“I am very happy and would use Strategic Internet Solutions for similar Filemaker Pro database needs. I would recommend this company to others seeking similar solutions.”

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